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SimCCS wins two awards at the 2019 R&D 100 Awards

Description: SimCCS won a 2019 R&D 100 in the Software & Services category. In addition to the R&D 100 Award, SimCCS2.0received a Silver Medal in the Corporate Social Responsibility Special Recognition Category.

About: The R&D 100 Awards are known as the Oscars of Industry. Paul J. Heney, Vice President, Editorial Director for R&D World: “This awards program is so well recognized across the R&D community. Being named as one of the R&D 100 is an incredible honor. These 100 winning products and technologies are the disruptors that will change industries and make the world a better place in the coming years.”

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZtbfuKLI34&feature=youtu.be

R&D 100 Awards: https://www.rdworldonline.com/2019-rd-100-award-winners-unveiled/

SimCCS Details: SimCCS is an open-source software package that optimizes the design of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture, transport, and storage infrastructure while reducing industry’s carbon footprint and enhancing carbon tax credits and oil production. The fully integrated, end-to-end software package accounts for geographic and social constraints to geolocate pipelines in the real world. Industry, government, and stakeholders could use the software to design cost-effective pipeline networks linking CO2 sources (such as power plants) with sites where CO2 can be stored in deep saline aquifers or reused to increase oil and gas production.

Los Alamos led the joint entry with Indiana University (Kevin Ellett) and Montana State University (Sean Yaw). This Corporate Social Responsibility Special Recognition honors organizational efforts to be a greater corporate member of society, from a local to global level.

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