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The United States is in the Middle East or Sub-Saharan Africa: Income Inequality and Homicide

A joint analysis of income inequality and homicide indicates that the United States is really a poor Middle East country or a slightly above average Sub-Saharan country!
Charted Territory has previously demonstrated a strong positive global relationship between income inequality and violence/homicide1 and that the United States is in poor country in terms of sister countries; Iraq, Burundi, and Turkey are three of the four most similar counties to the United States2. And now, using a new “minimized convex hull” confidence region concept, we can identify clear regions of coupled inequality-and-homicide. This new approach groups the United States in the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa regions, and is not good enough to be in Europe, ex-USSR countries, Asia, or even North Africa.
Methodology: Previous Charted Territory posts cover the background to the inequality3 and homicide4 ananlysis1,2. Here, we have developed custom VBA code in Microsoft PowerPoint5—the pptCharter—to plot the chart. The pptCharter is a flexible charting tool capable of producing high-quality charts that can be straightforwardly manipulated in PowerPoint. This enables users to produce a mix of advanced visualizations not possible in other charting tools. The pptCharter also includes a novel approach to calculate confidence regions6, based on the concept of minimal convex hulls7. In this case, each “80% confidence hull” in the chart contains 80% of the data points that make up each region (pptCharter allows users to adjust the confidence interval).

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